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Environmental policy

At The Grown Up Chocolate Company, our rather delicious mission is to produce high-quality chocolate bars using only the best ingredients – whilst charging a fair price and minimising our impact on our environment. We understand that we have a responsibility for our planet and that our operations have a local, regional and global impact.

We regard environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice as the minimum standard that we aim and actively work towards exceeding these benchmarks.

We are committed to promoting the conservation of natural resources, preventing environmental pollution and continuously improving our environmental performance. We have identified our significant effects on the environment as energy and water usage, travel, and waste production.

Reducing the effects of climate change is central to our Grown Up mission, as even the smallest temperature changes can have a big effect on crop yields of cocoa, nuts and fruit from our suppliers around the world – making it harder to make our deliciously decadent chocolate bars.

To improve our environmental performance we set ourselves challenging targets and perform regular audits to ensure these are met. We raise awareness of this policy through guidelines, internal communications and staff training and will ensure it is regularly reviewed and updated where necessary. Our achievements include:


  • We use local suppliers for our snazzy packaging, our finest ingredients and to transport our handmade treats to chocolate lovers around the world, reducing energy consumption
  • In 2015 with the help of a generous grant from the EU we were able to install a mould filling machine that not only removed the possible repetitive strain problems for the team but reduces our waste of liquid chocolate to almost zero but also makes a significant cut in our carbon emmissions!


  • We use overnight couriers from local depots near Grown Up HQ, cutting fuel usage by avoiding traffic jams and minimising journey times
  • We work with partners who use efficient centralised distribution systems, keeping deliveries and their associated fuel usage to an absolute minimum
  • Our brilliant customers have embraced our carboncutting mission by pledging to take as much stock as they can – keeping transport to a minimum


  • We use an efficient hot steam cleaner to keep our kitchens squeaky clean and minimise our water usage


  • We aim to melt and re-use any of our deliciously decadent chocolate that isn’t used in our bars
  • We make sure any misshapen chocolate bars become rather tasty samples
  • All of our tip-top packaging is recyclable, and we eliminate surplus packaging where possible – including when we supply our hospitality partners or via online sales
  • When we grow up and our output is large enough, we aim to take deliveries of our indulgent chocolate in liquid, to decrease outer packaging further

We believe all Grown Ups should be able to taste our deliciously decadent chocolate bars, which is why we give as much to charity and local food banks as we can.

We’re committed to having a positive impact on our environment as much as possible, and we are always open to suggestions of how we can make our Grown Up mission even more sustainable.

James Ecclestone (16/4/2016)