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How does it work?

Crazy for caramel? Nuts about nuts? A passion for fruit? Whatever your taste buds are telling you, Make Your Own Bar will indulge your wildest chocolate dreams!

Here you can now create your very own chocolate bars and design the wrappers with a photo or message.

You get three 100g bars for your money

Next, choose one of our signature blends of chocolate and add three from our wide choice of delicious inclusions.

Design your wrapper using either one of our Grown Up Templates or upload your own photo and text.

We'll deliver your bars in a bespoke sleeve and aim get it to you within 5 working days.

We've been making chocolate for over thirty years,
now it's your turn!

Choose your chocolate base
Choose up to 3 ingredients from the menu or see our most popular combinations!






Chocolate box
You need to choose chocolate and ingredients of your bars.

Add to basket your chocolate bar!

3 x 100g bars packaged in a box, £25