Very Naughty Nutty Nougat

Price: £2.25

Weight: 80 g

A creamy layer of white chocolate nougat enveloping rows of whole roasted hazelnuts and covered with a layer of buttery caramel and hazelnuts all encased in milk chocolate.

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  1. Samantha Kelly

    Wanted to love it… But one bite and was extremely disappointed. This is most definitely not what it says on the label; fudge!! Rather a big blog or nasty tasting gloppy caramel, with a centimetre if that of fudge which you cannot taste at all due to the over powering caramel. The chocolate and nuts, are against lost in the caramel. Hoping for fudge, got nasty sticky caramel?! Couldn’t even finish the first one of the two, so disappointed.

    • Sam Collins

      Hi Samantha, we’re so sorry you had such a poor experience with one of our products. We’re determined to create a consistently delicious product and will definitely look in to this for you. We’ve sent you an email so we can get some more details. Thanks, Sam 🙂

  2. kirsty.j.donaldson

    If it is anything like the mini I tasted on a recent flight, it is delicious!!

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