Superb Salted Peanut Caramel

Price: £2.25

Weight: 70 g

Salted peanut chocolate. Sumptuous Salted caramel enveloping a row of peanuts on a bed of peanut praline encased in luxury milk chocolate.


  1. One of the best chocolate bars ever!

    • Thank you Lisa, this is by far and away our most popular bar and we get amazing kind reviews!

  2. Best Peanut chocolate bar on the market.

    • Hi Lee, Thank you so much for your kind comments, I’ve shared them with my team!

  3. I was given a bar of salted peanut caramel cracker at the Thame Food Festival on, Saturday 24th September and I am hooked. Absolutely delicious, as were all the tasters given out by Humphrys. Where can I purchase them?

    • Thank you Sonia, what kind comments! You can buy the bars from Ocado or any BP Service Station with an M & S attached, or our own website or around 450 independent delicatessens, retailers and farm shops around the UK!

  4. Just broken my chocolate fast with this amazing chocolate bar. It wont be my last. Wonderful flavours. Congratulations.

    • Great to hear Ruth, thank you for the kind words!!

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